Soul Factions

We are all re-born with a purpose

There are four different Soul Factions in-game, which dictates the element to which your Animal Soul is devoted to. Each one has special attributes and characteristics.


Devoted to mother earth and all life that sprouts from it. They are protectors of the ground and constantly refer to soil as โ€œmother.โ€ The most devoted faction to life preservations and a special sense of empathy for all living beings. Being part of the earth-bound factions means loving lifeforms and preserving it, above all. They are particularly strong and usually the protector of their clan.

Water essence

Agile and stealthy. Masters of movement, as they adopt the essence of water. They enjoy being in solitary and usually are granted with the power of wisdom. Deep lovers of justice between environments and believe in the harmony of every ecosystem. Not afraid to intervene and use their skills to defend those in need.

Light bodies

Most energetic, constantly powered by the power of light in its many forms. They enjoy being in the sunlight and often get weakened by dark environments. Always ready for quests that put their stamina to the test. Natural leaders for their persistence and facility to adapt to their surroundings, blending in like the light their souls represent.

Air balance

The proof and practice of perfect equilibrium. They are seen in every community and are known for their relaxed nature. Will often be close to other factions and are good company, as they are empathetic and generous. Their groups are mostly diverse, as they can live in harmony with anyone and adapt to any ecosystem.

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