Metazooie: Souls of Nature Whitepaper - last update March 2022

⚡ī¸ Your soul is now re-born into the animal kingdom. Overcome the dangers of the jungle and find your way, your path is traced only by your spirit. Welcome to Metazooie: Souls of Nature.

Welcome to the HD Metaverse

Metazooie is the first HD digital world where you can learn, play and socialize while exploring immersive metaverse experiences. Metazooie environments are created using Unreal Engine software (same used for Disney's The Mandalorian series). Our technology lets anyone with an internet connection to have real-time interactions inside high-quality 3D environments without downloading anything from any device.

Souls of Nature is Metazooie's first immersive experience, going back to our origins in the spirit world. After being re-born as young cub, there is a vast journey ahead that will mold and define the evolution of your animal spirit. Quests, dangers and challenging tasks will each unlock a fraction of your soul.

This first Metazooie experience: Souls of Nature has 3 main objectives:

  1. Be an experience open for everybody no matter their knowledge of web3 experiences. We aim to bring closer metaverse experiences for both newcomers and experienced users..

  2. Show the technological capabilities that can be exploited for both entertainment and learning purposes. These experiences can easily sensitize players about the enormous potential of using metaverse for the benefit of communities. An HD one, of course.

  3. Remind society that we come from nature and we need to be conscious of the impact we are having destroying ecosystems everyday. Since the pandemic, protecting the environment has been a secondary matter, while it should be in humanity's top priorities. That is why all funds from Souls of Nature will give back 5% to certified institutions dedicated to protecting endangered natural ecosystems.

....what technology it uses and how its envisioned to return to the natural world.

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